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Safety Pledges Posted on 4 Aug 2017


Our 5 safety pledges




  1. Safety

    We will support Gloucestershire’s CCG priority to reduce harm, which are


  • Early identification of Sepsis

  • Medication alerts and incident reporting

  • Early identification of AKI

  • Develop a falls collaborative approach to home and hospital

  • Handover and discharge for patients


Ensure any incidents are reported and learnt from.  Ensure full support for the staff.


  1. Continually Learning


  • We will review our reporting incidents policy to ensure used fully

  • Include all of the safety areas identified above

  • We will use service user feedback to include any complaints, comments or suggestions received for full learning

  • Monitor and regularly review any serious incidents


  1. Honesty


  • We will be open and honest with patients, carers and family affected by an incident

  • We will continue to discuss patient safety with the team and our PPG

  • Support staff involved in an incident and ensure they are fully supported


  1. Collaborate


  • We will work with our local and cluster practices to share learning and improvement ideas

  • Work collaboratively with our district nurses, health visitors and all other health professionals to share learning outcomes

  • Discuss all incidents in our significant event meetings


  1. Support


  • Analyse every incident to see what went wrong and why

  • Share the findings with staff and PPG

  • Continue to support staff and ensure they are fully trained and feel supported

  • Continue to monitor incidents and share good and not so good incidents



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